Thursday, October 7, 2010


As I've discussed before, one of the most important things perennials do for your flower beds is to enhance and liven up the landscape with color.  If you consciously choose a color scheme for part, or even all of your beds, I think the easiest way to do this is by choosing a particular color or colors first, not specific plants.  Once you decide on your colors, then it's pretty easy to choose the plants that you want, taking into consideration the location, soil, sun or shade, or other conditions.  There are sites you can go on that have plants organized by color, just type in 'perennials by color', and a whole array of sites will come up.  Combining colors works very effectively, but monochromatic designs are also very beautiful, depending on the mood you want to create in your bed.  (I'll be doing a post on monochromatic color schemes tomorrow).  Remember to have a variety of flower heads, and textures.  One color that will be there for sure is green--but green comes in many shades and tints, and the discerning gardener will use a variety of greens as well, as they can really enhance your color scheme.  I have several different beds with different color schemes:  I've always loved the relaxing colors of pink, blue and white together, as well as yellows, purples and whites, so I have beds with these combinations.  I like to add a little soft yellow in almost every bed I plant, as well as white.  I think white adds the 'spark' that brings the beds alive, and yet gives a soft look.  However, on another note, don't become so concerned with it all that your head is spinning--I think one of the best ways to have harmonious and beautiful groupings is to let your eye, and your personal taste have the final say.  I've ended up moving things before, and that's the neat thing about perennials--you can always change, or move them to another spot in the garden if you don't like the results.

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