Wednesday, October 6, 2010


As the days grow shorter, the climate cools, and the perennials wind down, and it's time to prepare for spring. I love this time of year--preparing and planting the beds for beautiful blooms in the spring.  The daylilies have been cut down, as well as the oriental lilies that have yellowed.  It's fun to see the new green foliage on the poppies, as well as the grape hyacinths, columbine, delphinium, and lupine.  I love seeing the seasons come and go in the beds--there's always something fun happening!   And, of course, there are still beautiful roses and dinner plate dahlias, mums and monkshood that will flower through November, or the first frost.  From now on, don't deadhead the roses--let them stay on the stem when their petals fall, preparing them for winter.  The peonies, hydrangea and bergenia are showing their fall colors, and looking out our front window, I see beautiful trees of changing color!  I'm still waiting for a few shipments to come for planting--some crown imperial, a peony, a poppy and a few tulips.  The beds will be ready to put to bed probably by the end of November, so I'm going to enjoy these beautiful Autumn days, crisp nights, and hopefully a good mix of sun and rain.   
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