Saturday, October 9, 2010


Grape hyacinths are fragrant, erect, little grape-like clusters of tubular-shaped bells that flower in early to mid-spring. They come in a wonderful array of shades of purplish-blue, the most common a violet-purple.  Some of my favorites are the pale blue and white, and a navy blue.  There is even a pink one out now, which I can't wait to order and plant!  It's still quite pricey since it's new, and so I'm going to wait a year or two before I order, until the price comes down.  They have beautiful grass-like leaves, and one thing I really love about grape hyacinths is that the foliage has appeared again, after their dormancy during the summer, and it overwinters.  The bulbs are small--about the size of a dime.  Plant them 3 inches deep, and about 2-3 inches apart.  They produce several offshoots and self-sown seedlings--every year they multiply abundantly!  They are VERY easy to take care of, have no known pests, and look wonderful tucked in with your tulips, daffodils, and other spring bulbs, or at the front of your beds.  Another great thing about planting them with your spring bulbs, is that their appearing foliage in the fall will always "mark" the spot where your bigger bulbs are,  making it less likely you will accidentally dig into a clump of bulbs and risk the chance of slicing into one.  They are also one of the first bulbs in spring to bloom, and they last a long time--through the daffodils, and even up to the late spring tulips.  I love the blue color among my bleeding hearts, hellebore, pansies, and of course, tulips and daffodils--all early spring blooms, as well as perennials that bloom a little later.  Now is the perfect time to plant these hardy little gems!! 
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