Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Cold weather has probably brought the blooms to an end this year.  This arrangement was cut yesterday morning, and this afternoon I cut the rest of the mums and dahlias that were in bud or bloom because freezing temperatures are being forecast for tonight.   I put them in a big bucket of water and hopefully they will last until next week.  One thing I love about mums is that they have a very long vase life--one of the longest that I've worked with.  There were opening buds on all 9 plants that I have and they don't tolerate a hard freeze.  I've planted all my pansies, fall perennials, transplanted several plants, and have the beds ready for winter.  I wouldn't be surprised if we still get some good weather, though--that usually happens this time of year--a freeze that kills tender plants or perennial blooms and garden tomatoes or other produce--and then it warms up again. 
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