Saturday, November 13, 2010


A fellow passionate gardener, Mike McGroarty, has said "Gardening is such an incredible joy, and the more successful you are as a gardener, the more enjoyable gardening becomes."  I know this to be true.  If you desire a more successful, beautiful garden, take these few months to take stock of your bedsPerennial gardening is always a production in transition.  I am always moving, replacing, and dividing my perennials. Ask yourself what look you want to accomplish, what color schemes do you want to have, what plants do you want to introduce into your garden, or what plants need to be replaced or moved to another spot?  Map out your garden areas on paper.  Think of bloom times, sun/shade requirements, the hardiness of the plant, or any other considerations that you need to make in order to produce the results you desire.  Then, in early spring, make the necessary changes or additions, and see what happens!  And if the outcome isn't satisfactory, you can always change it--that's what makes it so fun and easy
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