Monday, November 8, 2010


The end of the 2010 season has finally come.  The last remaining mums have been beautiful. The last blooming roses were picked this morning for one of the last arrangements for the dentists' office.  But to all things there must come an end-- so it is with this season in the garden beds.  The remaining mums and roses will most likely be covered with snow today or tomorrow.  Now we wait and let the perennials and bulbs sleep until spring.  Knowing that the beds have been taken care of and all things are in order for the winter months ahead make me happy, and confidant that the hard work of late will pay off and will be definitely worth it when spring arrives and the perennials wake up, the bulbs start to peek out of the ground, and the ground warms.  I hope to have a nice, warm next few months inside.  I love spending time with family and we have lots of fun traditions that will take place during the next couple of months to while away the hours. 
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