Wednesday, November 3, 2010


HELLEBORE is a wonderful perennial that is evergreen.  In fact, after it blooms in early, early spring, (in some regions even winter), it's glossy, dark green leaves only get better and better.  I love it because right now, when most plants are going into dormancy, the hellebore is still full and healthy.  It will keep it's leaves through the winter, not turning a color, but remaining green.  When it blooms in early spring, it is full of blooms, and then it gets more leaves later on in the season.  When those new leaves form, the previous year's leaves will look older, and it's easy to peel them off from its base.  I've never let them fall off on their own, but I'm sure they probably would.  They come in many colors, are extremely hardy, provide early color in the year, are long-lived, and easy to grow.  I highly recommend HELLEBORE in your garden--everyone should have at least one!
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