Friday, December 10, 2010


I have some talented friends.  One special friend made me a beautiful gift one year--a 25"-tall porcelain Old-time Santa Claus. She poured the porcelain mold, fired him, then put him together. His features are hand-painted, and the eyes, lashes, etc. are all hand-applied. She had him beautifully dressed and I was so touched by this generous surprise gift.  A few years later, when we changed the color scheme of our living room and our Christmas decorating colors, another friend redressed him in the deep colors we have, and in the antique style that I love so much!  She actually used real coats, sweaters and furs she had bought at thrift stores to hand-sew his sweater, scarf, hat and fur-trimmed coat.  She looked for several little antique toys to put in Santa's handmade leather toy bag, and small antique books, a rag doll, teddy bear, and stick horse for him to hold.  With his walking stick, red Cardinal perched on his shoulder, and the "wrapped" packages hanging from his mittened hands, the long-bearded Santa is complete.  The detailing is superb, and the effort that both of these friends went to is something I'll always appreciate--and I cherish the gift.  It has a special place on the hearth of our fireplace.  Since I enjoy him so much, I wanted to share some pictures of Santa and his bag of toys!   HO, HO, HO!  Merry Christmas!
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