Saturday, December 11, 2010


I have been doing Calligraphy for many years now. I took a class in college and have been doing it ever since.  Since that time I've taught classes, and have done hundreds of flyers, diplomas, posters, framed pieces, and even a menu.  But one of the things I've enjoyed most is trying to do a piece each year at Christmas time.  We've given several lettered pieces away for neighborhood gifts.  I did this one quite a few years ago, and gave it with a small tree-shaped crystal candy dish.  The post I shared a few days ago was one I did a couple years ago, finished in a matted 5X7 frame.  I'll be sharing some of my favorites through the month of December in future posts.  One thing I've found in teaching classes, is that anyone who puts the time in, will do well.  Calligraphy is easy once you know the basics--and practice!  I do one original piece, and then just photocopy the original on specialty papers, so it's pretty quick to get a large number done.  If you're interested in learning Calligraphy, I recommend either the Ken Brown Calligraphy Primer, or the Speedball Calligraphy Book for Beginners.  They are both excellent.  I also recommend the Speedball nibs and pen holders.  Another recommendation is the Sheaffer Cartridge Calligraphy pen, which is very easy to use and very economically priced.  It has a good ink flow, and there is no dipping, so there is rarely any mess, unlike using the India Ink for the Speedball tips, which is permanent. When the ink runs out, you simply change the cartridge.  Handwriting is becoming a lost art, so I always encourage my students at school to take advantage of ways to develop their handwriting skills.   I've taught grade schoolers on up to older people--no one is too young or too old to learn!  If you're interested, and want more information, please contact me via a comment on this blog.    
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