Monday, December 20, 2010


Our family has had a fun tradition for many years now.  We always travel down to Salt Lake City to attend the December Christmas program on Temple Square.  The Tabernacle Choir has been broadcasting their weekly Sunday morning "MUSIC AND THE SPOKEN WORD" for many years.  In fact, it's the longest-running radio broadcast in the country--since 1929--that's 4240 performances!  In December the Choir always has a special Christmas Concert.  This concert has performances on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Then in conjunction with their weekly Sunday morning broadcast, they streamline the program into a half-hour program for T.V. and radio. After the "live" broadcast, the audience is favored to hear a "mini" concert" with other songs that were performed in the Christmas Concert the days prior to Sunday morning.  The program always has a special guest musical artist and also a guest narrator.  This year the featured artists were David Archuleta, runner-up on American idol a few years ago, and Michael York, famed actor and narrator.  The program did not disappoint!  The music, organ, spoken word, choir, dancers, orchestra and bells at Temple Square were amazing!   There wasn't an empty seat--21,000 in attendance!  Each concert-goer got a free ticket--as is the case every year.  There are about 1 million people that register online, and then tickets are chosen randomly for the 4 performances.  We received our 4 tickets for the Sunday morning program, which was our first choice.   The program is first-rate and as professional as you can get.  We sat on the eighth row, right in the middle.  Our Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, sat  directly in front of me, up 7 rows.  (I have a picture of the back of his head). The program was recorded, and next year it will be available to the public for purchase.  Last years' program, with Natalie Cole and David McCullough, are available for purchase this year, as well as previous years.  I have to say I've got some favorite years, and this year's program is definitely one of them!  David's rendition of "Silent Night" was one of the most beautiful arrangements I've ever heard of that song, and Michael York's narrative of Luke II was absolutely amazing!  Previous programs are also on PBS through the month of December.  I highly recommend the programs--Excellent!  (The photos were taken with a cell phone--not great quality, I know).

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