Monday, March 21, 2011


LUNGWORT, or BETHLEHEM SAGE as it is also called, is a ground-hugging plant that's perfect for the front of shady borders. They are only about 12" tall.  They've got some assets that make it a very desirable, low maintenance perennial:  They are amazingly hardy--they can withstand temperatures to -30 degrees below zero, they provide color in the early spring, they are easy to propagate, they are non-invasive, staying in a nice clump, and they don't seem to have any real pest problems.  The thing I like best about this great perennial, however, is it's stunning mottled foliage, which is kind of furry, and beautiful all year long.  They flower in early spring with tiny, bell-shaped flowers of blue, pink or white.  They are just now breaking dormancy, but within the month, their leaves will be lush and long, and their blooms, in shades of pink and blue, are some of the most beautiful shades in the garden!  When you propagate, do it in the fall by division.  To do this, just take a piece from the outside edge and plant it in some nice soil.  Water in well, and let Mother Nature do the rest!     
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