Wednesday, March 23, 2011


PRIMROSE (Primula) are brilliant colored flowers, of many varieties, that bloom in spring, (March and April), and then, sometimes again in fall.  They are a great perennial to have because of their low maintenance.  They tolerate acidic and wet soils.  They are very hardy, just be sure to plant them in shade to light shade.  They do very well in areas that will be the coolest place in your beds during the summer.  They are ground-hugging, and stay in their clump, which gets bigger each year.  They are very easy to grow from seed, and if you need to divide, do so in late spring, when they are in their dormant stage.  Plant in humus-rich soil, and mass planting looks terrific with their bright, rich colors, and brilliant crinkled foliage.  Slugs like them, so a slug bait is appropriate.  Don't let your Primrose dry out--keep the soil moist. And one big bonus--they are fragrant!  Primrose go well with lots of perennials and bulbs--I have them in my beds with tulip, daffodil, and hyacinth bulbs, and bleeding hearts, ferns, bergenia, forget-me-not, and grape hyacinths, at the front of the shady border.  They are a welcomed perennial for color this time of year!
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