Thursday, April 21, 2011


Growing up, I have vivid memories of a well-kept yard and flower and vegetable gardens.  My parents, D.L. and Maurine Holland, and my Grandma Holland were hard workers, and took great pride in their flowers.  My parents also had a wonderful vegetable garden, growing a bumper crop of vegetables and fruit each year.  The lot between their homes, which were situated on the same block, was used for rows of iris, peonies, roses, mums and day lilies.  Crops grown were many, including  beans, peas, broccoli, lettuces, potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, and cantaloupe.  They had cherry and peach trees as well.  Irrigation water, with weekly 'irrigation turns', some in the middle of the night, was used to water the plants and trees, and my dad cultivated at least 2 times a week, keeping the rows straight, free of weeds, and perfectly 'manicured.'  I have such fond memories of the bounteous blooms, and the crops that were shared during harvest time.  These old photos take me back to those cherished days.  I was blessed to have such wonderful examples of industry and hard work.  Their love of the land and it's capabilities for beauty have made a lasting impression on me, which continues today as I garden in my own yard.  Thank you!   
Susanne Holland Spicker Mother, Grandmother, Homemaker, Gardener, Teacher, Photographer

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  1. Your parents remind me of my grandparents, I loved their flowers and gardens growing up as well. That is so neat that you share the same passion and can continue their traditions and what they've taught you along with the new things you learn with your family generations.