Friday, April 22, 2011


With some high winds, lightening and thunder, rain, and hail, some the size of a dime, Mother Nature is showing us who's in charge.  When we experience conditions like this, there is not much we can do except grin and take it in stride.   I examined the beds and found some minimal damage--mostly to the blooming daffodils and hyacinths, which are 'top heavy' and had fallen over.  Temperatures dipping to freezing and below are my main concerns for buds that might be forming in some of the perennials.  If you have similar conditions, hold off on planting gladiola corms, dahlia tubers, or tender annuals.  A rule of thumb we follow here in the top of Utah is generally to wait until after Mother's Day to plant those types of things.  Digging in the soil when it's too wet and soggy isn't  good as well.  There's some good news, though, fertilizing can be done, and it's an ideal time for the dividing and transplanting of perennials! 
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