Sunday, May 1, 2011


Window boxes have long been a way to beautify your home--but that's just the beginning--PLANTERS can be used along deck railings, the sides of a garage,  shady walls (as seen in the photos from Temple Square),  or a myriad of other places. With trailing, bright flowers in wonderful colors, textures and fragrances--and a minimum of work and upkeep, English hayracks are now found in virtually all flower and garden nurseries. They are easy to fill with your favorite blooms--for shady or sunny areas!  "SIDE PLANTING," a technique used by making a slit in the coco liners (or some even have pre cut holes), has made container planting revolutionary, giving you professional and impressive displays, at a fraction of the time it used to take.   To do this, use the desired plants you want from 2-4" pots for the sides and top edges.  Then use a 6" or gallon potted plant for the top center pieces.  I did a large large planter in about 15 minutes!  The boxes used at Temple Square are specially-made from light-weight, but durable plastic, with 3-4" circle-holes cut out on all sides, reinforced at the corners.  They attach to the wall, which has hooks drilled in the cement work.  A handy person could probably make their own facsimile.  However, if you're interested in a company that has a vast variety of  containers--basket columns, border columns, window box planters, wall planters. hanging planters, and, a super fun idea--LIVING WREATH FORMS, and a wide assortment of hayrack liners etc.,a company that I've used and I recommend, is KINSMAN COMPANY ( for products, ideas, and helpful hints for making your planters the best ever!  Compliment your flower beds with a planter of some kind this spring--the possibilities are endless! 

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