Monday, May 2, 2011


With the snowy, cold, rainy weather, the blooms are late getting started here in the northern part of Utah.  But, a few early tulips, and most of the daffodils are on, making it possible to make some arrangements for a local dentist's office.  I enjoy putting these bouquets together, and love thinking about different color combinations and flower varieties to use.  These 3 varieties of daffodils were used today--Ice Follies, Mon Cherie and Accent.   I have a florist's  "frog"--a glass arranging aid, that is placed in the vase.  It has holes in it, one for each stem, which keeps the blooms upright.  I used it for today's arrangment of daffodils, making it look like the daffodils are growing upright in the vase, using some spangum moss at the base of the stems. And, of course, I have a floral preservative in the water, ensuring that they'll stay fresh for a week.  I buy mine in a large 5-lb tub through a florist, making it very economical to use. The weather promises to be better this week--so lots more flowers will be blooming with the warmth and sunshine!  I think Spring may truly be here!

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