Saturday, May 7, 2011


Getting the right amount of water to your plants to ensure vibrant, healthy, vigorous blooms can be a very hard thing to determine at times.  Most perennials and annuals need an average of 1" of water each week, providing they are growing in  an "average" humus-rich garden loam soil.  Take into account, however, if you have a garden in a windy area, or a very sandy soil--both would necessitate more than 1" of water.  These variations determine how much water is needed, as well as the plant type.  A good rule of thumb to remember for most all plants is TO KEEP THE SOIL MOIST, BUT NOT WET throughout the growing times of the plants.  If you're not sure how much water your beds are getting you can use a rain gauge to track not only rainfall, but your manual watering as well.  You can easily make your own gauge by taking a large empty can halfway from the sprinkler and the farthest point it reaches.  Time how long it takes to get 1" of water in the can.  Then, run your sprinklers for the amount of time it took for that 1" to collect in the can. (That's assuming your pressure remains constant).  The very best way to water is to water DEEPLY and INFREQUENTLY--This encourages deep roots, and, in the long-run, your plants will be able to go longer periods of time in between watering than if you watered frequently and shallowly.  I've heard differing opinions on the dangers of watering at night.  Some gardeners think there's less risk of fungus growth (if an overhead sprinkler is used) if watering is done in the day time.  Others think watering at night lets the water soak in and last longer without the quick drying effect of the sun.   I use soaker hoses, and so I don't have to worry about that.  But, you'll have to see what works best for you and your gardens.  One thing is certain, however--plants do need 1" of water per week, and it's easy to determine how long that takes by using your homemade rain gauge.   Here's a collage of some what's blooming in the Spicker Gardens!   Happy watering AND gardening!
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