Thursday, June 23, 2011


Ruffled Patty Poppy

Another memorable visit to my sister's flower garden proved unforgettable!  The array of roses, poppies, peonies, dianthus of every color, and perennials and annuals of every kind were stunning.  Dianne has been adding to her garden for years, and her love of gardening comes from her early years--as a child she helped in her Grandma's flower beds.  Many of her plants have been transplanted from those beds of her grandma's, as well as many roses she has propagated herself under mason jars. She certainly has inherited her green thumb from her grandma, and her yard is truly a garden of Eden!   I had a most enjoyable time and want to share some of the amazing blooms with you.

Candy Stripe Miniature Rose

King's Tush Tall Bearded Iris

She has implemented traps in her gardens to control gnats, flies and wasps.  They are simple to make and effective.  Just take a 2 liter bottle, and hang it upside down, with 2 cups of apple juice in. She got some of the trap attachments on line, called Fatal Funnels.  Just Google them for places you can purchase them; they're reasonably priced.  You can quickly poke the traps, one in each side, into the bottle, then hang from a tree, eave of the house, or wherever needed.  The flying insects are attracted to the apple juice and fly in, but cannot escape.  It's an easy, economical and safe way to rid yourself of the pesky insects!

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