Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The blooming season for iris isn't nearly long enough!  Even though I have many late blooming iris, as well as mid and early ones, it seems when the last one of the season blooms, the first ones are starting to bloom out.  That's the stage we're in right now.   There are only 2 iris left to bloom.  The beds are full with rich pinks, calming whites, vibrant blues, soft yellows, and rosy purples.  Together they make a palette much like an artist's--with hues and tones spanning the rainbow. Since yesterday was the first day of summer, transplanting season is officially over. If you DO happen, however, to need to transplant a plant, do so on a cloudy or overcast day, in the evening.  This gives the plant a while to settle in without the hot sun beating down on it.  Keep evenly moist, but not wet. Check on daily.  DON"T OVER WATER--a common mistake.   Keep deadheaded, or if your plant was big, you might cut down the plant in half for better results.  Do this only if absolutely necessary, though.  When summer is over and fall sets in, you'll have much better success in moving and dividing your plants.  Let's enjoy our summer beds!  

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