Sunday, June 26, 2011


Master Touch

Bubbling Over

Rolling Thunder
The IRIS BLOOM never lasts long enough! Yesterday I had the last 2 tall bearded iris to bloom in my flower beds: Rolling Thunder and Extravagant, with Bold Expression, Magharee, Bubbling Over, Paint the Sky, Heartstring Strummer, Sly Fox, Cherry Blossom Song Master Touch, and Feature Attraction in the last few days.  That makes 100 different iris bloomed this year.  They have been beautiful, although some not as tall or large, due to weather conditions this spring.  But, that also makes 61 that didn't bloom, also due to the weather.  There are some that have finished blooming, but most are still blooming' however, the season is definitely coming to a close within the next couple of weeks.Tall bearded iris are the showiest members of the genus IRIS, and have fuzzy beards at the top of each fall. They like full sun and well-drained soil.  Their beautiful blooms have long been a common site in beds and borders in the spring. Having varieties that bloom early through the late season, extends the time you can enjoy these beauties, which usually starts the first of May and ends in June around here in the top of Utah.  This year they were later by a couple weeks due to an unusually wet and cold spring. There are virtually thousands of cultivar's to choose from, with more being introduced by hybridizers each year.  Every year, award-winners are named, including the American Iris Society's DYKES MEDAL, the award given to the one iris variety that year for beauty, performance, and hardiness.  One of the best thing about Iris is that they perform best when regularly divided, and so you'll always have some to share with fellow gardening friends and neighbors. 
Cherry Blossom Song

Heartstring Strummer


Bold Expression


Feature Attraction

Sly Fox

Paint the Sky

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