Monday, June 6, 2011


Well, I knew it would happen--and it's finally here, although 2-3 weeks late--blooms galore in the beds!  Yesterday morning lots of new blooms--iris, lupines, peonies--they look great with the alliums and other perennials.  Even though there are lots of plants that got damaged, and there are those with just a few blooms, I've still got plenty of flowers, and the wait was worth it!   Pictured are:  Geisha IB iris, Change of Pace TB iris, Lupine, Midnight Treat TB iris, Classic Look TB iris, upper bed with Tree Peony & Allium, Centaura Montana Blue, Eagle's Flight TB iris, Goodnight Moon TB iris, Hawaiian Pink Coral Peony, Giant allium, Lemon Mist TB iris, Geisha IB iris
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