Saturday, July 16, 2011


The summer bloom season has slowed down, but there are still plenty of beautiful flowers left to bloom this year. Presently, there are lilies of every kind, and the zinnias, petunias and patio plants look great, but need watering every day.  The perennial hosta are sending up their thick ram-rod stems that are flowering with beautiful, fragrant blooms, similar in smell to lily of the valley. Big, airy perennial Baby's Breath, and the Veronica,  and Daisies are also blooming.  I also love the look of the naturally-dried allium, with their cream-colored shadow blooms. The oriental lilies all have nice, big buds with only a few open so far, so I have all of them to look forward to. The Asiatic Lilies are in full bloom as well. The dahlias, glads and mums will bloom a little later.  

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