Sunday, August 14, 2011


Tough, easy-to-grow CONEFLOWERS are summer-blooming perennials that have a daisy-like shape, and bear an abundance of blooms during the summer season.  They are in the sunflower, or aster family.  Some of the best-known are BLACK-EYED SUSANS.  There have been many  varieties recently introduced--from white to dark orange, yellows and pinks, to even greens.  Their ray florets, or petals, have spiny centers which produce the seeds. They like full sun or light shade in average to rich soil.  They thrive in evenly moist soil, but are actually quite drought tolerant once established. They don't need fertilization, and aren't really bothered by any pests or diseases.  Some that grow taller may need staking, and when done blooming, can be cut to the ground if you think the plant looks unattractive.  They don't need dividing  but if they do outgrow their space, you can dig them in fall or early spring and divide them.  Check them out on line for some interesting and very pretty new varieties and colors--you won't be disappointed with these carefree, long-lived, prolific bloomers!
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