Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Some wonderful flowers that have gained popularity the past few years are ZINNIAS.  I have enjoyed growing STATE FAIR ZINNIAS for the past couple of years.  The 30-36" tall blooms are annuals, and add much needed color to the summer and fall beds.  They increase and continue to bloom until frost. I am going to save my seed, and replant it next winter inside, then when weather permits, transplant outdoors.  Another big plus for zinnias is their vase life--one of the longest of any I use from the garden.   Their bright and cheery colors welcome all who come to visit.  An interesting thing about the State Fair variety is that no two seem alike--some are full, with layers of petals, some just a single row, and others semi double.  I also love their lovely 'star' center--tiny perfectly formed star blooms in the center of most of them.  The colors are widely varied as well--I've counted no less than 13 different pink shades, as well as different shades of orange, red, and yellow.  I've only had one white--it was really a cream color.  At any rate, ZINNIAS have turned out to be my very favorite annual--next year I'm going to plant several flats of these giant beauties!

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