Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Seeing giant Dinner Plate Dahlias in bloom is a sight to behold!  Seeing them in an arrangement is equally as exciting. These stunning beauties will continue to bloom until a hard frost hits the garden, which will hopefully be a long ways off. I tried a new one this year--FROST NIP--a beautiful white and Salmon pink.  It blends with so many different shades of coral, pink, salmon and even red. When arranging, cut and immediately plunge into deep tepid water. It's best to let sit over night in a cool, dark room. The next morning, re cut the end and sear with a match or over the burner on your stove. Or, some prefer to take a hammer and pound the ends of the stems. These ways of preparing the bloom can lengthen its vase life.  I also use a floral preservative. Take off all greenery that will be in the water. Cut blooms when open, but not fully open in the center, early in the morning before the sun comes out, or late evening, after the sun has set.  Growing, viewing, and enjoying these beautiful blooms in arrangements has been a fun endeavor.

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