Thursday, September 8, 2011


The season for the long lasting and colorful GLADIOLA is still going strong.  As long as you plant at two-week intervals, the season can be extended by over a month!These bright bloomers will bloom well into September, or even October. Their gestation is about 60-90 days, depending on the size and variety you plant. Plant corms in early spring through very early summer for 2-season-long blooms.They like full sun, and a well-drained area. Plant 3X's their corm size deep.  After bloom, let foliage "ripen" for 6 or more weeks, then pull out the foliage, with corms attached. It will have the old corm, as well as the new developed corm at the end of the stalk. Separate the two corms by pulling apart. Store the new corms in a mesh bag, hanging in any  storage shed, garage, or protected area for the winter. In spring, plant the new corms. They are semi-hardy, and I have even left them in the ground in protected spots over the winter. You'll want to experiment in your area to see if this works. I like using these colorful flowers in arrangements, where they always provide a cheery display.

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