Monday, September 19, 2011


The STATE FAIR ZINNIAS are still going strong, and will continue well into the fall, until a freezing frost kills these tall, colorful beauties.  I like using them in floral arrangements--they are long-lasting, and provide a color splash that will liven up any room or decor.  Growing several colors on a single stem, these annuals are easy to grow and provide the color that a perennial garden needs this time of year.  Some of these tall wonders are reaching 4 feet tall, on strong stems, and beautiful bright green foliage.  Plant in full sun in the spring when all danger of frost is over, or start from seed inside 6 weeks before planting time in your beds.  They aren't picky about their soil, doing well in average-to-rich soil. They look especially nice planted in mass groupings, providing a wonderful focal point for your landscape.  

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