Friday, September 2, 2011


I am a TALL BEARDED IRIS lover!  I think these beauties should be in every flower garden!  They come in every color in the rainbow, except a true red, are extremely hardy, and thrive if planted in full sun and well-drained soil.  There are literally thousands of cultivars, with hundreds more being introduced by hybridizers each year.  The plants spread from rhizomes, and, depending on how closely they are planted, are usually divided every 3-4 years, give or take. These showy flowers, with 6 petals--three up, the standards, and three down, the falls,  have fuzzy beards at the top of each fall and can have blooms as big as 4X7 inches.The foliage is sword-shaped, and the 27-40" stems make spectacular cut flowers!  New buds will continue to open on cut stems, just as they would in your garden.   Their display, if carefully selected varieties that bloom, early, mid-and late in the season, can last for a month.  Now is the time to divide or get new rhizomes in the ground.  Plant with a sparse handful of phosphate, water in well, making sure you don't plant too deeply.  The tops of the rhizomes should be able to bask in the sun! Then let Mother Nature do the rest!  More often than not, the rhizomes you plant this summer, will bloom in the spring!

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