Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Fall brings a final flush of ROSES--beautiful in vibrant colors, and the huge,  magnificent blooms of DINNER PLATE DAHLIAS, and, of course, the towering, vibrant STATE FAIR ZINNIAS, some reaching as tall as 5 feet!  Making fall arrangements of these beauties is always a pleasure. Remember to cut blooms first thing in the morning, then plunge in deep, tepid water, with a floral preservative for maximum lasting power.  Searing the ends of the stems of the dahlias, or smashing the stem with a hammer, or even making cuts in the stem, so the stems will absorb the water up to the bloom can also help to prolong their vase life.  Remember to remove all foliage that will be in the water.  If possible, change the water every 3 days.  

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