Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Fall is the perfect time to add one of my favorite perennials to your garden beds:  CLEMATIS.  Clematis are magnificent, vertical climbing vines that bear an abundance of flowers in shades of pink, blue, lavender, purple, white, silver, and even red.  There are literally hundreds of choices to make in those range of colors.  Their size of bloom, size of mature vine, and blooms in either single or double flowers, could make your selection rather difficult--there are so many wonderful choice to make!  You will be able to find one to fit in your color scheme and size to fit your garden needs.  When planting, choose a site that is in full sun. Clematis, however, like their roots in the shade, so plant with low-growing perennials, or cover with a mulch.  (Be careful to keep material away from the crown and the stems).   Give your clematis some winter protection as well, with bark or mulch.  Clematis can be hard to start, but once established, are easy-to-grow and will provide you with stunning blooms year after year.  They grow well in a number of places--fences, railings, posts (cover with chicken wire for an easy support to the vines), along walls, on arbors and trellises, climbing on shrubs and trees.  I have two on an arch with my climbing roses, and they are beautiful there.  Plant in good soil, that remains evenly moist, but not wet, with good drainage.  Clematis come in 3 different pruning categories.  Follow the instructions for your particular plant from the plant information tag.  I have 10 different clematis in the yard, and would plant more if I had the room!  My favorites are the big flowered ones--6-7" blooms, with Josephine, Crystal Fountain, Arctic Queen and Blue Light among my favorites.  DONAHUES  is a mail-order company I get my clematis from.  They are a very reputable company to deal with, and their selection is unmatched.  I highly recommend them.  

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  1. Every time I see a clematis,I thought about your garden. The varieties you have just so breathtaking. Love them!!!