Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Like I mentioned in my previous post, mums are the perfect fall bloom!  Their festive colors go so well with all fall decor, and their ability to weather the storms and cooler weather makes them a good choice for color in your fall gardens.  They are long-lasting in arrangements, lasting well over a week, sometimes two!  I like arranging them in carved out pumpkins, festive decorative bags, cornucopias, or with ears of dried Indian corn in earthy pots and vases.  Their fragrance is fresh and very aromatic.  Be sure to remove all foliage that will go in the water of your arrangements.  Like I've said many times, I always add a floral preservative to my arrangements, and I pick the blooms early in the morning before the sun comes out; warm, sunny temperatures increase the sugar in the blooms, making them last for a much shorter time.  I like to cut my blooms, plunge them immediately in deep, tepid water, then let them sit overnight in a dark, cool place.  Then when arranging, I cut off the bottom of the stems by an inch, on an angle, and immediately put them in fresh water with the preservative in.  Whether you arrange or not, mums in your garden will bring a beauty that is unmatched in the late fall!

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