Sunday, November 13, 2011


With Autumn, the chore of leaf raking arrives.  Leaf raking seems to go on forever--it seems you just get the yard all cleaned up, and by the next morning, there's a new blanket of leaves on the ground.  Leaf raking, however, is essential.  The layer of fallen leaves can be a breeding ground for fungus and disease, and mold can grow and infiltrate existing plants.  A good way to gather up all those leaves is to set a big tarp down to gather the leaves when raked, then dispose of it.  If you can, compost them, but several sources suggest we don't burn them--which can be a pollutant.  Leaf blowers or mowers with bags can make the job much easier and quicker. Shredded leaves are also a good source of  insulation for perennials that may not be as hardy, or are in their first year.  Just be careful to remove very early in the spring so the plant isn't suffocated.  Whatever your favorite method is of raking up those fallen leaves is, one thing is certain--it is a good source of cardiovascular exercise!

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  1. one of the reasons i am receiving allergy treatments - autumn leaves!

    if someone gets allergy symptoms in november, they can be sure it's that darn mold living on the fallen leaves