Monday, June 18, 2012


Lilies of all kinds are starting to explode with color in the flower beds.  Some of my favorite, the giant 6-8 foot Lily Trees, with their huge, fragrant blooms, some with as many as 30 buds on their thick, stately stems, are filling the yard with their sweet aroma. The Asiatic Lilies are also starting to bloom. These multiply annually, and are nice pockets of color in the yard. The Orientals are starting to bud, and will bloom later. The Day Lilies are also starting to develop their buds. These hardy perennials, because of their many buds on a single stem, even though they bloom for just a day, will end up blooming for about a month. I love lily season! This arrangement shows two kinds--the Golden Stargazer Lily Tree bloom, and the pink LA Lily, two of the first to bloom.

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