Friday, January 11, 2013


World War II veteran, D.L. Holland, age 90, died peacefully at home surrounded by his family on Friday,   December 7, 2012. Fittingly, it was Pearl Harbor Day.  Dad signed up for the service shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941.  For the next three years, he would spend most of his time 400 feet under water, aboard a submarine.  He was submerged frequently for as long as three months at a time, never seeing the light of day, or breathing a breath of fresh air.  His experiences were many--some he shared freely; others he kept to himself.  Some were harrowing, others miraculous--but all  were memorable.  He shares this experience:  "The night before we were to board our sub and leave, I became violently ill.  I was immediately taken to sick bay, where tests revealed my white count was extremely high.  Three doctors were called in; two diagnosed acute appendicitis, wanting immediate surgery.  The third convinced the others to wait until morning. At 2 o'clock a.m., my sub, the Dorado, left port without me.  The next morning when I was checked out, my white count was normal, and all pain gone.  I was later released and subsequently assigned to another submarine, the USS PIRANHA.   A short time after my reassignment, news arrived that the Dorado had been sunk, all hands lost."  I'm thankful my Dad's life was miraculously spared, and that I was fortunate to have this great man in my life.  I honor those, who, like my Dad, D.L. Holland, have made great sacrifices to serve country, regardless of the outcome.  Love of country and a willingness to serve have helped to pave the way for the myriad of freedoms and opportunities I enjoy.  I remember them this day, and especially thank my Dad--my hero--and want to say, "I love you Dad.  Rest in peace until we meet again."  All my love, Susanne

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  1. So sorry for you loss. What a great story you wrote up on your fathers life, that is amazing...clearly, his life was not nearly finished here on earth had he went on that planned sub. Cheryl had emailed these collages that you put together from DLs funeral over Christmas time, they are beautiful- I actually posted them on my blog before Christmas so thank you for them. You parents are great people and have raised a beautiful family. Have a great year!

  2. Thank you, Carla, for your sweet words.
    love you guys. Have a great year as well!