Friday, March 1, 2013

GROWING DAFFODILS--the easiest, most dependable spring bulb!

Daffodil season will soon be here, and these great spring flowers are not only easy and dependable, but they naturalize well, and most varieties multiply quickly, bringing bigger, more beautiful clumps each year.  They come in many different types and shapes and bloom times.  I think they look best planted in uneven groups of 3's, 5's, 7's or 9's--leaving space between them of about 3-5" at planting time, to make room for naturalization.  Some gardeners recommend planting at least 10 or more bulbs, though, for a full, mature clump in spring. They should be planted once the soil cools, usually from late September through November, depending on your zone or climate.  I plant mine where they will get full fun in the early spring, although they will tolerate partial shade as well.  Plant where there is sufficient moisture, but not standing water.   I also like to use a granular bulb booster fertilizer or a handful of bone meal when planting.  One neat thing about daffodil bulbs is that they aren't bothered by deer, mice, voles, or other such animals  and they need no special protection, unlike tulips or other bulbs.  After they bloom in the spring and their foliage has yellowed, you can cut the foliage down.  I also apply a fall fertilizer as well, just to give them an extra boost for the coming spring.

Mount Hood

Ice Follies

Golden Beauty

Pink Radiance


Apricot Whirl

Las Vegas

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