Monday, March 4, 2013

GROWING HELLEBORES--beautiful early spring bloomers

Hellebores, or commonly called Lenton Rose, or Christmas Rose, because they can bloom around Christmas time in warmer areas, are hardy, early-blooming perennials that are one of the few plants that maintain their lush green foliage through the whole year, looking beautiful until frost.  They are long-lived, and their nodding blooms, which come in a variety of colors, are beautiful not only in the garden, but long-lived in floral arrangements.  After their flowers fade in the early spring, their foliage increases, becoming more lush and beautiful as the season progresses.  They prefer shade or partial shade, and nice soil that is moist, but not wet.  They are the first of the perennials to bloom in the early spring, and I always look forward to their unique, nodding blooms, which come in single or double varieties   I keep mine healthy with a generous sprinkling of super triple phosphate in early spring, and remove the faded flowers after they bloom.  A favorite!

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