Monday, April 1, 2013


Springtime has finally arrived! My early spring DAFFODILS, 7 or 8 different varieties, are in bloom, with mid and late varieties still to bud and bloom. Daffodils naturalize into beautiful clumps and drifts and come back year after year. They are easy to plant and easy to take care of, which make them a much sought-after bulb for busy gardeners. Furthermore, the deer don't bother them, which make them very desirable in many areas.  When planting, plant in unevens--3, 5, 7, 9--for a pleasing overall effect. Plant in well-drained soil, that gets adequate water spring and fall. I put a handful of bonemeal in when planting, and in very early spring, before they bloom, I sprinkle down super triple phosphate. After blooming, leave the foliage alone until it yellows--that's what produces the energy for next years flowers.  

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