Friday, May 31, 2013


Even though many of my iris didn't send up stems this year, the ones that have bloomed have been nice.  The stems of some have been shorter, and maybe the bud count hasn't been as high as usual, but I've had almost 100 of the 230 blooms, with more on the way.  I've been posting them in their bloom order mainly for my records.  I always like to keep track of their bloom time, and by posting them this way, I have a nice picture catalog of their bloom order.  NOTE:  To see earlier blooms, go to posts of  May 13 through the 20th.
Sly Fox, Bewilderbeast, Rancho Rose, Dazzling Gold, Coffee Whispers

Ample Charm, Flamenco, Starship Enterprise, Blueberry Bliss, Barcelona

Happenstance, World Premier, High Profile, Edith Wolford, Twice Thrilling

Suspicion, Pink Taffeta, Sostenique, Pink Angel, Mulled WIne

Titan's Glory, Nigerian Raspberry, Theater, Classic Look, Looking For Love

NOID white, Evening Tidings, Homecoming Queen, Ringo, Glowing Smile

Thornbird, Louisa's Song, New Leaf, Pink Bubbles, Camelot Rose

Into The Night, Bubbly Mood, Vizier, Role Model, Artist's Time

On Edge, Wedding Candles, Mesmerizer, Dusky Challenger, Creative Stitchery

Ella Van Liere, Elisa Renee, Beyond, Astro Flash, Purple Serenade

Pledge Allegiance, Throb, Babbling Brook, Tulip Time, Laced Cotton

Best Bet, Absolute Treasure, Geisha, Vanity, Crowned Heads

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