Monday, May 5, 2014


This week's arrangement is in shades of lavender, purples and whites.  Although my irises haven't started to bloom, these EAGLE'S FLIGHT and JESSE'S SONG Tall Bearded iris are showing color and were perfect for this arrangement, and should bloom in a day or so, along with SUGARED SILK Tree Peony, which, when open, is a beautiful silky, huge white bloom, PURPLE SENSATION allium, LUPINE, BLUEBELLS, Purple and white COLUMBINE, and three kinds of Lilac.  Lilacs don't typically make long-lasting arrangements, but their scent is divine, so I cut these blooms on small, thin branches, splitting the bark about an inch up the bottom of the branch, and will hope for the best.  Arranging blooms that last a week can be a bit challenging.  Choose blooms in the bud stage, if possible, cutting stem again under water, then immediately arranging in a floral preservative.  Let sit overnight in a cool, windless area. You may have some minor rearranging the next morning.  

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