Monday, June 16, 2014


Spring is winding down, and the early summer plants are blooming.  This weeks arrangement features the very fragrant OT lily Conca d'Or--just one bloom of this aromatic lily can fill an entire room with its wonderful scent!  Red Asiatic lilies, and an assortment of colorful hybrid tea roses finish off the arrangement. I added the bright blue delphinium as well as an after thought. When using lilies for arrangements, if you don't want their stamens to dust the petals with their pollen, simply snip them off. (See close up of yellow OT lily) They do, however, add an extra focal point to the arrangement, which I really like. The pollen stains, so be careful when handling, or rubbing up against these beauties.  As always, cut in early morning before the sun comes out, or in the evening after sunset.  Recut stems under water to help preserve the blooms for a longer-life arrangement. Use a floral preservative in your water, and keep in a cool, dark place until displaying.

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