Monday, July 7, 2014


The fragrant, giant OT LILIES are beginning to bloom, as well as the last of the ASIATIC LILIES. Together with colorful STATE FAIR ZINNIAS, my favorite DAISY from my Grandma Holland's garden, the first GLADIOLA of the year, and bright blue bush DELPHINIUM, this arrangement will have a long-lasting vase life.  As always, cut at dusk, or early in the morning before the sun is up.  Plunge immediately in water with a floral preservative.  Keep out of bright, direct light for a longer vase life.  Change water if possible, every other day.

State Fair Zinnias

First GLADIOLA bloom of the year

My favorite DAISY
The start came from my Grandma's garden 35 years ago

Bright Blue Bush Delphinium

Fragrant HOLLAND BEAUTY - a favorite OT lily

I love these 36" + STATE FAIR ZINNIAS--they'll bloom until frost

You can see fragrant SALTERO Lily (left) and Fragrant CONCA D'OR lily (right)

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