Sunday, June 21, 2015


Blooming tulips were used in the arrangement for April 12. These vibrant colors are one of my favorite color-combinations from the yellow and red back bed.  Since the tulips will bloom at different times in this bed, these are the early ones that were blooming that were used for the arrangement:  Giant yellow and red Marsella double tulips, with their bright canary yellow double petals, have a red flame on each petal.  The huge blooms can easily reach 6 or more inches across. Single red Emperor tulips have a beautiful black center, as well as the bright yellow Big Smile tulip, that has a very faint red edge. They  make a stunning display. The bed also has several other tulips in yellows, red, and combinations of the two colors.

This bed has blooms from early spring through late spring, with various tulips--early, single, double, parrot, peony, and late tulips. Some have beautiful variegated foliage as well. 

Tulips have a long vase life if cut in the unopened bud stage, and cut either after the sun sets or before it rises. Use a water preservative and keep in an area out of direct sunlight or drafts.  If possible, change the water every other day or so.

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  1. Still the most amazing flower photography on the intrnet!