Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I always like to do a few arrangements in red, white and blue for the month of July.  June 29th was the first of three arrangements done in these colors. It's interesting to see what's blooming in these colors year to year. Since Mother Nature doesn't always follow a schedule, the flowers in bloom will be different each year.This year, the red Asiatic lilies I usually use had already bloomed a week or two prior. The red and white gladiola weren't quite ready for bloom. Luckily, the first flush of bush delphinium were in bloom. Bright blue delphinium are great to use in arrangements; they have an extra-long vase life. I have 4 different daises in the garden, and used 3 varieties--Shasta daisy, Crazy Daisy and one I call Grandma's daisy-mum, because it looks like a mumI took a start of it from my Grandma's several years ago. I have transplanted it in many places throughout the gardens and have shared it with several friends. I have never seen this variety in any nurseries, so I haven't been able to name the beautiful and long-lasting flower. However, I had to buy some small red button carnations, having no red in the garden. 

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