Monday, October 12, 2015

MUMS - Long-lasting, colorful, prolific fall blooms when cooler temperatures arrive

There's nothing quite so pretty in the fall as colorful fall mums in the garden. Blooming when the nights are longer and the temperatures are cooler, these flowers come in all colors and shapes and sizes. They retain their bushy mound, and are, for the most part, very hardy; some of the bigger florist mums do best with a little winter protection. Whether it's a spider mum or a huge decorative mum, they last longer in the vase than any flower I work with--it's not uncommon for arrangements to last 3 weeks--even up to 4 weeks if picked in the bud stage. This week's arrangement is a nice fall color of burnt orange mum, and is a garden variety--keeping its nice, tidy mound and a manageable height of 18-24 inches. They are easy to grow and take care of, requiring little, if any, special treatment, returning year after year. After planting new plants in the spring, when all danger of frost is over, they appreciate a good fertilization. I use Osmocote. Keep moist, but not wet. I pinch or trim mine down to 6 inches until July 4th--this keeps them bushier and more manageable, as some will get very tall and fall over. I then keep them de-budded until the end of August if they form buds They will bloom when the nights are longer because they need darkness to bloom. If you want them to bloom earlier, you can cover them in the day for a few hours. Pictured are a few of the varieties I grow.

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