Sunday, November 22, 2015

THANKSGIVING ARRANGEMENTS - Using grasses, cattails, berries, thistles and the last of the florist mums

Well, my weekly arrangements have come to an end with this Fall/Thanksgiving arrangement. Using grasses, thistles, orange pericantha berries, cattails and mums, a colorful and extra long-lasting arrangement can last pretty much the whole month of November. 

It has been a good season for arranging--starting in late March and lasting through November. What is especially interesting to me is seeing the time frame of blooms from year to year. This year many things bloomed much earlier:The Tall Bearded Iris were 2-3 weeks earlier. Because of damage to some plants last year, the hydrangea didn't have buds on--many of their branches dead--but, with patience and good care, they will be blooming next year. Because of the lack of water the fall and winter, the hosta struggled as well. The roses were lovely, and I added three new ones, as well as dozens of lilies, daffodils, clematis, hosta and daylilies. I am already dreaming of next spring!

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