Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I love the early spring flowers--hellebores, hyacinths, daffodils, and crocus. One of the most majestic and unique blooms I have in my early spring garden are Crown Imperials. Their tall, stately blooms always amaze with their dangling flowers atop beautiful foliage.

There are several to choose from. I order mine through various dutch bulb companies. An important thing to remember when planting this bulb in the fall is to plant it on it's side.  The open top of the bulb makes it susceptible to rotting.  I also plant with a small hand of gravel as well, to aid in drainage. They like a place that remains fairly dry during the summer months, and I plant in a protected place. They are not bothered by deer, which is always a plus!

They are long-lived in floral arrangements, but make sure when cutting, you leave on as much of the foliage as possible--that's what feed the bulbs for next years bloom.

If given the right growing conditions, they will multiply and provide years of enjoyment . This grouping is from my sister's yard, where you can see one bulb has multiplied into several.

So, if you are interested in something a little out of the ordinary for you spring garden, I highly recommend these beauties!

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  1. I thought this plant smell bad. Are you putting the flower arrangement indoor? I never have this plant because I m afraid of its smell. But it's so it really that bad?

    1. It does have an odor, but I did use it for the dentist's office arrangement. I guess nobody cared--it was there a week. :) It's the smell that deters the deer

    2. That's good. Should get some and put it around the tulips:)

    3. Because of how fun they are, I always want to have them in the garden. I usually don't put them in floral arrangements-- outside you really don't notice their odor. But, I sure do enjoy them!

    4. I will definitely give it a try this fall. Especially this year seeing how many of my tulips are headless or got digged out by squirrels. Thanks for inspiring me! (btw, I left some messages on your old posts. I have some questions. If you get a chance, could you answer them? Thank you!!).