Thursday, May 19, 2016

TALL BEARDED IRISES AND PEONIES--A perfect match for spring arrangements!

When the peonies and irises bloom, I always have such a fun time deciding which color combinations to use for my weekly floral arrangement for a local dentist's office. Two of my favorites are in bloom now--The stunning tall bearded dark blue falls and light blue standards iris "GLOBAL CROSSING." and the beautiful, huge, very double blooms of 'MONS JULES ELLE,' and the single, bright pink blooms of peony 'DANCING FAIRIES.' I love the bright golden stamens of Dancing Fairies.

When choosing these flowers, choose flowers in the bud stage, with color showing, or buds that have just started to unfurl.This will give you at least a week's fresh arrangement. Use floral water, and keep out of direct light or drafts for optimal vase life.

Peonies are easy to harvest. If you need to keep them for a long period after cutting before arranging, just remove the leaves, and wrap the stems in wet paper towels. They can then be place in the refrigerator until needed--up to two weeks. They can also be harvested in bud stage, placed in big buckets of water and stored in a cool, dark place until needed. To bring on the bloom, just arrange using warm water.  

This picture was taken 4 days after the delivery.  There are still a few buds left, but most have bloomed. I went in and took the picture and dead headed a few of the spent irises, leaving the bud that is on the double-socketed stems.

Pink and blue have always been a favorite color combination for me--they compliment each other so well.

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