Thursday, January 19, 2017

HYDRANGEAS IN THANKSGIVING ARRANGEMENTS -- Naturally dried for unique color

This cornucopia container holds some naturally dried hydrangeas.  When left to naturally dry, either on the plant, or dried right in the vase where you've had a cut flower bouquet, they dry in gorgeous, muted colors. Each year they are a little different, depending on when cut, when cold weather arrives, or how long they've dried.

Here are some examples of the different colors this year's flowers. Some years they are much more blue and purple. This year we had warmer temperatures through fall, and maybe that's why their coloring is a bit different.

No special care is needed.  The arrangements can be kept indoors and will last for many years. They might seem fragile, but they are actually quite durable.  These particular blooms were left on the plant and harvested the first of November. Other years I have used the white, blue and pink live hydrangea blooms in an arrangement, dried them in the vase, and used them in the fall as a dried flower arrangement. 
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