Thursday, January 19, 2017


With all the new cultivars of poinsettias around, the decision on what to buy has been more difficult. This beautiful light rose-pink and cream is no exception. It was my choice of color this year, but it wasn't an easy decision.

Pointsetias are a little finicky.  But, with patience and treating them correctly, their blooms will easily last all month long, in fact, usually several months. Even though I haven't done it, some can keep their plants all year long.  After they've bloomed, keep in a dark place when they go dormant, and when they start to leaf out again, bring them back into the light. Keep lightly watered.

I've seen plants that are marbled, or two-toned. And, they come in a myriad of colors: maroon, dark red, bright red, solid light pink, and dark rose.  They come in pots as small as 4" to big tubs. I like to have a poinsettia every year.

NOTE: These are not my photos. I took them off google image
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