Thursday, January 19, 2017


Orchids are rewarding indoor plants. Once I had my first orchid, I was smitten. This two-tone magenta/yellow flower bloomed for about 2 months. When blooms are spent, the stalks need to be snipped off. The plant will bloom again next year if kept up.

Watering potted orchids is easy. I just take 3-4 ice cubes and place on the top of the planter and let it melt down.  Once a week is all it takes.

Orchids make a welcoming and graceful addition in the home. These colorful plants come in a wide variety of colors and combination of colors. The yellow orchids above were purchased, but you can also make your own stem-dyed blooms.

These blue orchids were stem-dyed. To do this, an easy way is to take a white orchid in the bud stage. Put a few drops of liquid food dye in a test tube and fill with water. Place the orchid stem in the water and when the bud opens, the flowers will be wonderful shades of blue. This can also be done with other white flowers: lilies, carnations, roses, and daisies. I've seen just about every color imaginable. I especially like the blue and purple dyes.

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